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CloudAir - We create selection software

CloudAir is your relable partner for high efficiecy and flexible selection software solutions for manufacturer

We started our activity in 2001 from creating websites and online stores, then we expanded our offer with individual software, graphic design, CRM and ERP systems.

Currently, we focus on designing advanced selection programs and engineering applications. Extensive experience in many fields has allowed us to offer you innovative and best selection programs.

We are a team of engineers fascinated by their work, for whom work is a pleasure, and the selection programs made for you are a great satisfaction.

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* The experience of 2M SYSTEM, which is the owner of the CloudAir brand.

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Unlock the power of customized programs crafted exclusively for the dynamic world of technical and engineering industries. Experience seamless product, device, part, and material selection, empowering designers and engineers to unleash their creativity while meeting precise parameters. Elevate your efficiency and stay ahead of the competition with our cutting-edge solutions.

We boast a wealth of expertise in developing software solutions for a wide array of product selection needs, including:

Check out our intuitive administration system

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Take control of your selection program with an intuitive and user-friendly administration system.

Editing products
  • editing text data, descriptions,
  • single or multiple change of parameters,
  • managing characteristics using data and points on the chart,
  • acoustic data, accessories management,
  • support for multivariate products,
  • dynamic creation of a product symbol,
  • language versions, dictionary administration,
  • individual visibility of products in language versions,
  • management of dimensions and assigned files,
  • and many others...
  • statistics of page views, searches, documentation generation, logins
  • grouped and filtered by users, series of types, categories, products, time periods
  • full analysis of the use of the selection program
  • the ability to block selected users, locations, ip
Full work control
  • details registration of all changes in the system,
  • registration of each activity of each administrator,
  • possibility of job evaluation,
  • easy return to saved data from the history of changes,
  • detailed rattles and statistics of administrator activity

Check out our intuitive administration system

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to present the offer of cooperation with our company, specializing in the production of selection programs for various types of devices.

As a leader in the industry, we provide innovative solutions that allow you to select the optimal equipment for each application. Our selection programs are very intuitive to use, thanks to which even people without specialist technical knowledge can easily make the right choice.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee that the devices you offer will meet the expectations and requirements of your customers. Thanks to our selection programs, you can save time and money, avoid mistakes in the selection of the device and improve the quality of work and comfort of use.

Our selection programs are created on the basis of individual customer needs and are characterized by the highest quality and full integration with IT systems. Our software complies with the latest standards and regulations, which guarantees safety and full customer satisfaction.

We cordially invite you to cooperate and experience the advantages of our selection programs. We are convinced that our solutions will bring you many benefits and help you gain a competitive advantage on the market.

Kind regards,

Mariusz MĹ‚ynarczyk

Managing director

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